Helping with Breastfeeding. Tips for Dad’s !!!

Breastfeeding is one of the most connective times for mothers, fathers and their children. It is also the best food for your child, so get Dad involved. A lot of men think, “Hey I can’t do it”, so read below and find out how important you are in the process.

Happy times

Happy times

Logistics: Delivery and departure service.

Having a baby is physically demanding even on supermums. This is where Dads step up bring the hungry child and take away your son/daughter after they have had their fill.

Dad having fun bottle feeding baby

Dad having fun bottle feeding baby

Wind maker: Chief burper

After their snuggle and drink it is now time for little one to bring up wind. Dad this is your chance, this is your snuggle time.

Tip: carrying a small sleepy thing that passes wind isn’t exactly the most fun-filled time. However, Mothers, anytime spent building strong carrying muscles on Dad’s right arm will give him endless hours of fun once the child passes 18 months.

Bartender: Chief Bottle Washer

A skill on any man around the house is making delicious drinks and why wouldn’t any Dad like to do the same for his child. Mothers have the first few months sorted, however for various reasons there is often a need to supplement breast milk for formula and that will need a super clean bottle. It is also recommended to get into the habit of drinking a little water after a meal of milk is a good idea. The secret to a good drink in a clean vesselile, with babies this is a especially true.

happy baby breastfeeding

Feed them both

Mothers need good nutrition and so does little one. take time to learn what is needed and not needed. It is very seldom that children are allergic to breast milk but little ones can have a reaction to the food mothers eat. Keep mother well hydrated as well. You know her favorite food, now mix in the important stuff, like protein and leafy vegetables   


You know what it takes to keep her calm, books, magazines, music and just being there for her.

Step up dad, make everyone happy

Step up dad, make everyone happy


As this is a special time and all mothers have their routines. Dad you control the gate, you may need to keep other children and family members away, telephone and other distractions too.


Hey there are more than the normal A to Zs when it come to things in the process of breastfeeding, books, bottles, closed doors, pillows, towels, creams wipes. Dad it’s your job to keep them in order and near by. Man-up and build a system all three of you will benefit.